About the student union

Uppsala Law Student Association is the student union for those who study at the Law faculty in Uppsala. The association was founded in beginning 16th century, but didn’t register until 1844 and didn’t become a student union until 2016. We have roughly 2 000 members, 120 elected in office and 200 active students. Our clubhouse is “Jontes house” (Jontes stuga) which is located at Övre Slottsgatan 3 in Uppsala.

Education-related activities

Uppsala Law Student Association is working with educational issues and represents the students/phds in different committés within the Law faculty and the university as a whole. If you have any issues with your education, or any ideas on improvements, we will gladly help you out.

We also sell course literature (for a cheap prize), organize lectures and arrange a buddy-programme for new students.

Social activities

Our goal is to make the law students studies as fun as possible. We arrange pub-evenings, the reception of new students, balls, tournaments etc.

It is possible to buy coffé / sweets and some of the course literature at our clubhouse, and you can heat your lunch box or study on the second level.

Contact with employers

A large part of the association is built upon the opportunity meet and greet different future employers. We have some collarborative partners with which we do different events and also arrange a labor market fair together with ELSA Uppsala once a year.


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