JURO – Juris studerandes riksorganisation (English: Law Students’ National Orgnisation)

JURO was established the 2nd of October 1993 and is a national collaboration organisation which gathers represenatatives from the Law Student Unions (henceforth called JF) from the universities and colleges where law exams are issued. The organisation works with questions regarding student unions and education politcs concerning Sweden’s law students.

The Board is the organisations decision-making and executive organ, which within the limitations of its statues is to work for the development of the organisation and the interests of the members. It consists of a chairman and two delegates from each JF, a total of 12 delegates and a chairman. The delegates are divided between the JF and the student unions at the relevant cities, if these are separate organisations.

Every delegate shall, before each meeting, make a city report concerning the relevant questions for the education. The report thus creates a foundation for discussion and permits a platform for, among others, spread of information, exchange of information, and support between the member organisations.

Meetings are held at least four times yearly and should be located in the following order: Umeå, Lund or Örebro, Uppsala, Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Board chairman for 2017:
Mikael Karlsson
072 306 66 24


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