Engage yourself!

As an engaged member, you receive the opportunity to get to know people from different semesters of the law programme and it’s a good way to get a pause and some variety during your studies.  You can engage yourself during a shorter period of time, by becoming a official during the Recce-week or by writing in Press Judicata, for example. You can also engage yourself for a longer period of time by becoming a office bearer in the student union.

Engage yourself, you won’t regret it!

Central tasks

The central tasks are appointed by Kårsamverkan, which is a collaboration between the student unions at Uppsala University. These posts are mostly appointed as they become available, and they are as such easy to apply to. 

Free posts

At the moment, there are not free posts in the law student union that can be applied to. Keep watch though, the next general meeting is in the beginning of February.

Election committee

If you decide to engage yourself for a longer period of time by becoming an office holder in the student union, th election committee will guide you through the process, and will also lead the process up to the general meeting. About a month before the general meeting, the election committee will publish a contact form through the student union’s information channels. All you need to do is to fill out the form. A few days later, you will be called to an interview. This interview can take different amounts of time depending on which office you are applying to.

After the interview phase, the election committee will nominate people to each post. The nominee is the person found most suitable by the election committee for the specific office. The nominations are not binding, and the meeting and the members of the student union can vote freely. Before the meeting is held, the nominations must be published by the election committee.

The General Meeting

The next step after the interviews have been completed is the meeting itself. The general meeting is the highest decision-making organ in the student union, and is held twice annually. Normally, another two extra general meetings are held. It is the general meeting which, for example, decides on all elections for offices. All members of he student union have a right to vote and  expression, but have to be present at the general meeting to use these rights. Nästa steg efter valberedningens intervjuer och nomineringar är själva stämman.

A closed vote is always used when there are more applicants than free offices. Otherwise, proclamation through acclamation is used. This means that the present members say “Yes” or “No”. If a majority is considered to have said “Yes”, the persons have been elected.

You can also spontaneously apply to an office at the the general meeting. This means that you can come to the general meeting and apply for an office, even though you have gone through the election committee. Notable is also that the election committee’s nomination is non-binding.

Fill-out elections

If a office becomes vacant during a office period, or no office holder is appointed after a general meeting, the meeting will give the board the right to hold a fill-out election for the vacan offices. This works in a similar way to the normal process: The election committee issues a call for applicants and nominates one of them. Unlike the normal process, though, the board appoints the office holders. These posts are only appointed for the time until a new general meeting is held.

Short-term engagements

The shorter engagements, such as sponsor, referee or writer for Press Judicata are not appointed in the regular procedure. Officials for the Recce-weel are appointed through special procedures which are governed by the Recce committee. If you are intrested, contact the specific groups and they will help you!


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